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Discover Luxury Living: A Comprehensive Tour of a Cape Coral Waterfront Home

Welcome to a lavish exploration of a waterfront property that epitomizes luxury living in Northwest Cape Coral. This sought-after location boasts not only breathtaking views but also a convenient proximity to various parks, a boat ramp soon to be accompanied by a tiki hut restaurant, and essential amenities making it an ideal spot for both residents and Airbnb hosts.

Nestled close to serene parks such as Serena Vista and Jim Jeffers, and offering facilities for numerous outdoor activities including soccer, basketball, and pickleball, this area ensures a vibrant lifestyle for all ages. Moreover, its accessibility to the Punta Gorda Airport, supermarkets, and pharmacies adds to the locale's allure, promising ease and convenience.

A peek into the property reveals meticulous attention to detail, from the stunning landscape adorned with a variety of palms to the thoughtful addition of extra pavers on the driveway, enhancing both its aesthetic and functionality. The home's exterior is further complemented by a Floratam lawn, a tile roof, and an upgraded garage door to accommodate taller vehicles, ensuring a blend of elegance and practicality.

Stepping inside, one is greeted by an expansive open floor plan illuminated by natural light, courtesy of the hurricane-rated windows and doors. The interior boasts high ceilings, crown molding, and a sophisticated blend of modern finishes, including plank tile flooring throughout. The kitchen, a masterpiece of design, features granite countertops, a wine cooler, and Whirlpool appliances, setting the stage for culinary adventures.


Entertainment and relaxation spaces abound, from the electric fireplace in the living area to the outdoor pool and lanai, perfect for hosting gatherings or enjoying a quiet Florida...


Exploring the quaint and picturesque community of Alva, Florida, offers a unique glimpse into a way of life that cherishes the richness of the land and the bounty it provides. Nestled off of Route 80, Alva is not just a location; it's a lifestyle. At the heart of this farming community lies Rooster's Produce Stand, a testament to the area's agricultural roots and a beacon for those in search of farm-fresh produce. As we delve into the essence of Alva, it's impossible not to appreciate the dark, rich soil that makes this region ideal for farming. Whether you're considering moving to the area with dreams of a little farm or a big garden, Alva is a place you'll want to explore further.

During a visit to Rooster's Produce Stand, the charm of Alva becomes palpable. The sight of the big old Ford 2000 tractor under the shade of a majestic oak tree adorned with Spanish moss is a nod to Florida's natural beauty. The landscaping, marked by raised beds and a well-tended greenhouse, highlights the community's dedication to agriculture. For those who value the simple pleasures of life, like the ability to pick your own lettuce from hydroponic setups or savor the taste of locally grown watermelons, cantaloupes, and more, Alva offers a veritable paradise.

The produce at Rooster's is not only fresh but largely grown locally, supporting the ethos of community and sustainability. The stand is a hub for local specialties, including an array of jams and jellies made in-house, such as the Florida Gator Jam, and an assortment of local honey that captures the essence of the region. For those with a penchant for spice, the hot sauce section, featuring favorites like Gator Hammock, is a must-visit. This product, along with others, is a testament to the ingenuity and...

"Title Insurance Explained: Navigating Real Estate with Expertise in Cape Coral"

SOUTHWEST FLORIDA TITLE INSURANCE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS WITH JOSHUA PAINTER AND JESSE SCHWIGKTitle Insurance Explained: A Comprehensive Guide with Joshua Painter and Jesse Schwigk from Townsend Title

Navigating the complexities of real estate transactions can be daunting, especially when it comes to understanding the intricacies of title insurance. In a detailed conversation between Joshua Painter of RE/MAX TREND and Jesse Schwigk of Townsend Title, we uncover the critical aspects of title insurance, how it differs from home insurance, and offer invaluable advice for both buyers and sellers in the real estate market.

What is Title Insurance?

Unlike home insurance, which protects against future events, title insurance safeguards against issues from the past. Jesse explains, "Title insurance is essential for protecting the buyer from previous encumbrances, liens, ownership disputes, and more. It’s a fundamental piece of the puzzle in securing your investment."

Proactive Steps for Sellers

Sellers can take proactive measures to ensure a smooth transaction. "Before listing your property, review any work done on the property, including remodels and loans," advises Schwigk. Ensuring that all permits are closed, and any contractors are paid off can prevent future liens and encumbrances from arising.

Choosing the Right Title Company

With numerous options available, selecting the right title company is crucial. Townsend Title sets itself apart with extensive experience and a commitment to communication. "We pride ourselves on being able to answer your title insurance questions quickly and...

Seller's Agent Services

Discover Unmatched Real Estate Expertise with Joshua Painter - Your Best Cape Coral Realtor in 2024

Are you Planning to sell your home in Cape Coral in 2024?JOSHUA PAINTER BEST CAPE CORAL REALTOR Meet Joshua Painter, renowned from reviews as the Best Cape Coral Realtor, Offering a comprehensive suite of services tailored for home sellers.  Let's explore the exceptional offerings that set Joshua Painter apart in the Cape Coral Real Estate Market.

In-Depth Market Analysis: JOSHUA PAINTER CAPE CORAL REALTOR MARKET ANALYSIS Joshua Painter begins with a thorough market analysis, ensuring your home is priced effectively to align with the latest Cape Coral market trends and comparable sales.

Strategic Home Preparation and Staging:



714 SW 35Th Street House Warming Party

Our Home Buying Process keeps you on track

I love being a part of handing over the keys to a first time home buyer after they just signed the lender packet and hud statement.  Driving back to the home and  unlocking the door  for the first time really makes people feel empowered to accomplish anything and it never gets old.  Sometimes a first time homebuyer can feel helpless, upset, or unsure of what is going on when they work with someone who does not keep them informed, I can assure you that whatever it is you are going through we will be here to work out the problem for you and keep things moving forward.  There is a lot to buying a home and with our Home buying process we can ensure to keep things on track.

Here are a few pictures from our most recent First Time Home Buyer Party.

One of the things we do for first time homebuyers is to throw them a housewarming party as a closing gift.  



What do I need to know about Home owners insurance in Florida

Our area is full of sun and fun and an abundance of things to do.  Southwest Florida boasts beautiful beaches, bustling downtown areas that offer activities from the local farmers market, to art shows and bike nights.  There is truly something for everyone.  Many people love it here so much, that they decide to invest in a secondary property to occupy on a seasonal basis or to use as an investment property. 

When shopping for a home, it is important to think out the costs and criteria involved with respect to insurance.   There are many factors to consider that will impact the cost of insurance:


  • Seasonal – occupied at random times of the year not consecutive months
  • Secondary basis-used for 6 months out of the year
  • Rental Exposures – annual, vacation or seasonal rental

(For rental exposures, it is very important to disclose what type of sites the property will be advertised on such as Air B & B, Home Away or VRBO)

Age of Property

  • New Properties (2002 and Newer) – will be less expensive to insure since they are built to the current stricter Florida Building Codes
  • Older Homes (2001 and older) requires a wind mitigation inspection to get best rate available.  Credits vary by home
  • Homes over 30 years and older - require a 4 point inspection and a wind mitigation inspection

Flood- (A flood is a general and temporary condition where two or more acres of normally dry land or two or more properties are inundated by water or mudflow)

  • Depending on the location of the home an elevation certificate may be required in order to get a rate
  • The National Flood Insurance Program is no longer the...

The 21 day guide to preparing your home for sale

are you deciding to sell your home or condo soon?

Here is my free 21 - DAY Guide to Preparing your home for the market:

Day 1:  Replace the burnt out light bulbs around your home. 

Day 2:  Replace the dated light fixtures and door knobs to instanly update your homes look and feel.

Day 3:  Grab moving boxes, packing tape, and permanant markers from the store

Day 4:  Make an extra set of keys to your home.

Day 5:  Start gathering in a folder important papers that you will need.  Copies of utility bills, declaration of insurance, warranty paperwork, survey, site plan, elevation certificate, and HOA documents.

Day 6:  Start Decluttering your kitchen by removing everything from the counter tops, refrigerator, and in drawers.

Day 7:  Hire your Realtor and sign the listing papers and disclosures.

Day 8:  Declutter the Bathrooms and deep clean the tile shower and tub inserts.

Day 9:  Bedroom cleaning.  Pack away the things that are hidden underneath the bed, remove large and bulky furniture, and remove all the personal items from the walls.

Day 10:  Master Bathroom Cleaning and decluttering.

Day 11:  Living Room needs to feel light and bright.  

Day 12:  Front Yard / Curb appeal

Day 13:  Back yard

Day 14: Garage

Day 15:  Carpets and tile steam cleaned


Cape Coral Condo with Granite Counter tops for sale at $100,000.00

Cape Coral Condo For Sale with granite counter tops $100,000.00

Cape Coral Condo with Granite Countertops

Coming soon Cape Coral Condo with Granite Counter tops, tile floors, stainless steel appliance, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, screened lanai, washer, dryer, ceiling fans in every room, solid wood cabinets, and located in Beautiful South West Cape Coral Florida 33914.  

Click here for a virtual tour

Call/Text Joshua Painter P.A. for more information. like the sellers disclosure, condominium Q + A, recent budget, and more.




 RE/MAX Realty Partners Cape Coral Florida Are you looking for Paradise?  I was and chose Cape Coral Florida.  I moved to Cape Coral Florida from Ohio in 1999.  I was tired of the shoveling snow off the driveway, trying to thaw my frozen water pipes, walking through the slushy melted snow, chopping firewood, and all the other pesky problems of an Ohio winter.  

I chose Cape Coral Florida for my paradise and you can too.  Personally I think this is a great city to raise a family.  Compared to Ohio, Cape Coral Florida offers many things for children to do year round.  Competitive sports were a major part of my life and and here it is possible to play them all year.  Baseball, basketball, football, soccer, tennis, golf, volleyball, swimming, hockey, horseback riding, bmx racing, atv riding, all star cheerleading, and much more.

My name is Joshua Painter P.A. and I am a RE/MAX agent in Cape Coral Florida.  I am also a certified Firefighter and Paramedic.  This is also a veteran owned business as I served during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.   I have a beautiful wife and three wonderful children.  Our family has a bunny rabbit named cookie and our family dog is named tyson.  At Remax Realty Partners we treat our clients needs as if they were our own.   I am a family oriented Remax Professional.  ...

Cape Coral Pool Home With a Fenced yard

When I moved to Florida from Ohio in 1999, I had just got out of Boot camp at Fort Benning Georgia.  I was in the Army National Guard as an infantryman and I was moving to Florida to be closer to my parents.  They lived in a SW Cape Coral Pool Home with a fenced yard.  This is the first time in my life I had access to a swimming pool at my house.  This was a game changer for me.  I realized that my dream was to live in a tropical climate, where I could grow Limes for my Coronas and Oranges for my Blue Moon.   

I loved going to the beach and coming home to jump in the pool!  Now my kids get to experience this lifestyle and I am thankful they can enjoy the swimming pool.  My awesome pet Tyson who is part blackmouth curr and part something else loves running and chasing tennis balls in the fenced in backyard.  Here is a youtube video of him running around and doing some tricks  in the backyard of my Cape Coral Pool Home with a fenced yard. He was a rescue and I am very fortunate to have found him!  Let me know if you would also like to rescue a pet I have found that Big Hearts for Big Dogs Rescue is a wonderful organization and I would love to introduce you to them!!

I would like to address an important topic with owning a Cape Coral Pool Home with a Fenced yard.  TEACHING YOUR CHILDREN TO SWIM EARLY!!!  Be responsible and help your children learn to swim.  I have 3 children and all of them learned to swim at an early age.  I highly recommend ISR Here is a video link of the infant swimming resource self-rescue.

Do you already own a home and want...

Why You Should Consider Selling in the Winter

Selling In Winter Attracts Serious Buyers

The season you sell your home can have an impact on how much you get for your home and how quickly it sells. The season that has the most success in selling homes is spring. This is a good time of year for families moving to new school districts and is also more convenient weather for moving. Because of this trend, most people will recommend waiting to list your home until after the winter is over. Avoiding the winter is a huge misconception in the housing industry and can cause homeowners to miss out on opportunities.

Selling in the winter can give you a few advantages. There will be fewer houses on the market since most people assume winter is a bad time to sell. This gives your home more attention. Potential buyers are always looking no matter the time of year. Keeping your house on the market in the winter might bring the right buyer to your door. Real estate agents also tend to be less busy during these months and commit more time to getting your home sold.

Studies have shown winter buyers are buying because they need to move right away either for a relocation or personal situation. They will want to close quickly and allow for a much smoother sale.

Bottom Line

If you need to sell your home right away, or have some time but want to see what is out there, consider listing in the winter. Most homeowners who are going to sell will list their home in the spring, making for a competitive market. The winter allows buyers who are in a hurry to move consider your home and sell for more money than you would have in the spring.


Will Increasing Mortgage Rates Impact Home Prices?

Will Increasing Mortgage Rates Impact Home Prices?

There has been some discussion recently on home prices in relation to mortgage rates. Some believe if there is a rapid rise of mortgage rates, home prices should decrease. Logically it makes the most sense for the price of the house to drop when interest rates are rising, but this is not always the case.

This theory of home prices decreasing is typically discussed by future home buyers. As a buyer you would like to think if you are paying higher rates on your mortgage, you should be able to see a decrease in cost somewhere else. Unfortunately, these rates are rising because the economy is in better shape. As the economy succeeds, incomes rise, rates go up, as well as the price of the home.

A recent study by the John Burns Real Estate Consulting found mortgage rates have very little impact on the cost of the home. The housing market and price increases are affected by things like job growth in the area and rising wages. Coincidentally, these same factors are causing the rise in the mortgage rates since people can afford to take out more.

Bottom Line

As the economy progresses and strengthens, mortgage rates and home prices will fluctuate. It is a misconception as rates increase, home prices will decrease. Advances in the economy have shown that rates and home prices are more likely to increase together.