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Negotiating the Sale of Your Cape Coral Waterfront Home: A Strategic Guide by Joshua Painter, Realtor

Selling a waterfront home in Cape Coral requires not only an understanding of the market but also a strong grasp of negotiation tactics. With Joshua Painter, an experienced Realtor in Cape Coral, you can confidently navigate through the 25 key points of the 'AS IS' Residential Contract for Sale and Purchase to ensure a favorable sale.

  1. Understanding the Contract: Familiarize yourself with the 'AS IS' Residential Contract terms, focusing on the property description, inclusions, and exclusions.

  2. Pricing Strategy: Work with Joshua Painter to set a competitive yet realistic price, considering the unique aspects of waterfront properties.

  3. Deposit Details: Negotiate the initial and additional deposit amounts, ensuring they reflect the seriousness of the offer.

  4. Financing Clauses: Be clear about the financing terms and conditions, understanding the implications for both parties.

  5. Closing Costs: Determine who will cover various closing costs, a significant point of negotiation in real estate transactions.

  6. Inspection Periods: Agree on a reasonable period for property inspections, allowing sufficient time for any necessary evaluations.

  7. Repair and Maintenance: Discuss the expectations for property maintenance and repairs before closing.

  8. Appraisal Requirements: Ensure clarity on the appraisal process, especially if the sale is contingent on a specific valuation.

  9. Title and Survey Matters: Understand the importance of clear title and an accurate survey, especially for waterfront properties.

  10. Home Warranty Negotiations: Consider offering or negotiating a home warranty as an added incentive for buyers.


  1. Leveraging Joshua Painter's Expertise: Utilize Joshua Painter's deep knowledge of Cape Coral's waterfront properties to navigate complex negotiation points effectively.

  2. Finalizing the Deal: Know when to finalize negotiations, aiming for a mutually beneficial outcome.

With these negotiating points and Joshua Painter's expert guidance, you're well-equipped to handle the complexities of selling your Cape Coral waterfront home. Emphasizing effective communication and strategic planning, this approach ensures that every aspect of the contract is tailored to your best interests, paving the way for a successful and profitable home sale.