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Preparing your home for a photo shoot is a critical step in selling your Cape Coral home. A well-staged home not only attracts more potential buyers but also helps in capturing the essence of your property in photographs. Joshua Painter, a renowned listing agent in Cape Coral, shares essential tips to ensure your home is photo-ready and appealing to prospective buyers.


One Week Prior to the Photo Shoot:

  1. Declutter and Depersonalize: Remove holiday decorations and personal items like photos to present a clean slate. Think of creating a model home atmosphere.
  2. Spotless Presentation: Clean carpets and walls thoroughly, as spots and blemishes can be highlighted in photos.
  3. Optimize Space: Remove extra furniture to make rooms appear more spacious.
  4. Children’s Items: Clear away children’s artwork and toys from key areas in the home and backyard.

Outdoor Area Preparation:

  1. Garden and Lawn Care: Mow the lawn, trim the shrubbery, and ensure your garden looks neat.
  2. Clear the Clutter: Remove all toys, bikes, and unnecessary items from the driveway and entryway.
  3. Pool Area: Clean the pool, remove cleaning supplies, and ensure pool fountains are functioning.

Living Areas:

  1. Clean and Organize: Tidy up shelves, move excess furniture, and ensure a clutter-free environment.
  2. Lighting: Replace burned-out bulbs and use bulbs of the same temperature to enhance room ambiance.
  3. Personal Touches: Remove personal photographs, replacing them with neutral landscape or object photographs.

Kitchen and Bathrooms:

  1. Spotless Counters: Clear kitchen counters of any clutter, leaving a maximum of one small appliance.
  2. Bathroom Essentials: Store daily essentials in a small box and ensure the bathroom is clean and distraction-free.

The Day of The Shoot:

  • Remove cars from the driveway and ensure the front of the home is clear.
  • Turn on all lights and lamps, and turn off all ceiling fans, TVs, and computer screens.
  • Open blinds to allow natural light in and arrange furniture pillows neatly.

Remember, the photographer captures your home "as is." It is crucial that your home is ready for the photo session to reflect its best potential. For more personalized advice on selling your Cape Coral home, contact Joshua Painter, your trusted real estate expert in Cape Coral.